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i draw lame things

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Anonymous asks: how do you make shaped pins? so cute :')

i havent rlly made any shaped pins i just take like old buttons like that have lame stuff on them and just paint over them with acrylic/draw on them its super easy and fun 2 do

Anonymous asks: your newest zine is sweeeet. I hope to make my own zine one day ^_^ so I was wondering what your process is, did you draw it all digitally? How did you print it?

thanks a lot! i just used the usual cut paper and made a little booklet, scanned it and had my friend print copies for me on like cardstock or whatevr!

Anonymous asks: how did u publish ur zine?

i actually just asked my kool friend to print a bunch of copies 4 me with his sweet fancy printer

Anonymous asks: Happy Birthday Mrdth :)

thanks!! i still feel 12 though

Anonymous asks: hey you posted some pics of buttons or something like that on your instagram recently and i was wondering are those for sale?

sweet if u want them I will sell them once i get bak/settled at skool!