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Anonymous asks: I really like your new stuff for the detail, but damn gurl I miss those collages/marker pieces<333

that stuff is usually my drawing homework that i post on here bc ive been kinda busy/havent had a lot of time for my personal sketchbook, but dont worry i havent stopped jammin on my construction paper

the jet set: alphaville

cheesiest of all cheeseball jams that ive listened to for two years straight and it still isnt old 

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the only life tbh

the only life tbh

was feeling kinda lame because i had to go target and im wearing these super red overall things (that kinda make me look ten) and it perfectly matched my target reusable bag and i just looked very targety and was terrified someone confused might try to ask me a question(which sounds pretty stupid now that i think about it), but anyways i was just walking around the aisles being a lameoid, deciding whether or not to get goobers and swinging my bag super high in the aisles and this dude with an eyepatch walking past was just like “hey, i like your spunk!” and i felt so much better about targety outfit vibes and went and got the goobs

puke snack

story about a guy who eats meatball sub chips and proceeds to barf it (and last nights dinner) up

sorry i have so many napkin drawings

sorry i have so many napkin drawings

Anonymous asks: You are gorgeous. Have you found yourself a boy friend yet?

ah what thanks so much i dont deserve that!

i actually realized awhile ago id rather be alone 4ever

self portrait

self portrait