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i draw lame things

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Anonymous asks: how do u get the colors to come off so vibrant ? do u draw them out and just scan them through ur printer ?

Scan and sometime adjust the saturation a bit bc the colors sometimes get lost!

sch00l has been ruining my life as usual

sch00l has been ruining my life as usual

Anonymous asks: hi very sorry to bother you and im sure you dont care about this but!! lame is actually an ableist slur!!

omg woahh im sorry i didnt even realize! thanks for letting me know i dont want to offend anyone

are you leading me on: general public

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Anonymous asks: Would you be willing to do cover art for a single? You'd get credit, of course.

i can do paid commissions, if ur interested in that email me at meredithjoanbardo@gmail.com

Anonymous asks: A cutie who makes amazing art, watches good movies, and listens to great music?? I bet everyone's all over you :3

hahahhaha :-( this msg is super funny 

Anonymous asks: hii how old are you? and is there a particular reason why you talk in like 'text talk'? ('kool', 'lyffe', etc) i'm not trying to be offensive by the way, just curious:)

19, bc its funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn ~

buncha mini pics i just found

buncha mini pics i just found