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Anonymous asks: I just started college and I still don't have a boyfriend :~( Is that bad? have you ever had a boyfriend?

noooo what the heck theres nothin bad abt that!!!!!! uhhhh honestly i only p much like ppl if theyre jim reid, robert smith or river phoenix (or kate bush/debbie harry)

Anonymous asks: Hi! What movies would you recommend for Halloween?

ahhhhhhhhh 2 many good 1s i can tell ya that much

sleepaway camp, slaughter high, halloween, nightmare on elm st, blood diner, texas chainsaw, the last house on the left, reanimator, lets scare jessica to death, the pit, videodrome, phantasm, the video dead, suspiria, the deadly spawn, night of the demons, splatter university, happy birthday to me, terrorvision, friday the 13, slumber party massacre, slaughter high, bloody birthday, pieces, night of the creeps, the burning, prom night, evil dead, evil ed, tenebre, killer workout

so many more but these r some klassics

tellin ya guys evr since i redownloaded bejeweled all ive been doing is jammin matchin jewels and playing the sound on full blast so every1 can hear the majestic tune of me beating all tha fake computer accounts

Anonymous asks: what app do you use to edit your instagram pics?


heads up i hav been updating the insta a little more lately than here so if u wanna check out more art i dont post here go 2


sellin hand painted buttons p soon

sellin hand painted buttons p soon

Anonymous asks: do you like simple minds?

I luv simple minds!!! Early 80s jim kerr!! New gold dream Is a classic!! (i have a sweet poster of them hanging in our living room)

Anonymous asks: Please please sell your artwork it's so fucking rad i would kill for a tshirt with ur art on it 💞

I need 2 do this!

Anonymous asks: Yo have you drawn any bears? Weird question but I swear I've seen something of yours with a bear but I can't find it on mobile (butts)

omg yes fun  fact

1 of my first posts here was i think sophmore or junior yr of hs and it is a bear in a sweater that says “i hate everything” haha