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happy birthday robert smith aka the light of my life aka the gr8est dude to ever exist aka the guy i convinced my parents to name our dog after

going to buy a fun dessert and listen to the entire cure discography and prbly just melt into a puddle

Anonymous asks: how did u color the last upload?! how did u make it

scanned it/colored with photoshop

Anonymous asks: I really like your style and the way you dress and I know this is a random question but do you have any ideas on what I can wear for a date at a carnival?

full on clown outfit !

uhh but probably something fun and pastelish, like a sweet crop top that matches the color of the cotton candy and just a navy skirt with fun socks plus maybe a jean jacket 

(props on getting a carnival date ! they have the best snax !)

pattern dude

pattern dude



Anonymous asks: hi sadako

new gold dream: simple minds

i used to hate them before i listened to them because robert smith said he hated them in an interview (l o l) but then i actually did and this album is so perfect and jim kerr is added to the list of 80s dudes i wish i could marry

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Anonymous asks: Have you heard of Darwin Deez, if so, do you like him?

i have not ! i will check him/them(?) out !